Wednesday, August 22, 2007

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18th of august marked my happiest day in the history of my life. i felt very happy, lucky, thankful, appreciative, shocked, excited and loved all at once. i celebrated being with mr.rahman for 5months, and 5 is my favourite number.

we started the day with plans of going sentosa to do abit of sun-tanning. but our hopes were dampened by the dark weather. we wore matching blue outfits to vivo city. after long thoughts of deciding where to eat, we settled on secret recipe. we were like monsters that had starved for decades. we made a point that we shall not bother about the cost, just as long we satisfy ourselves. so we had a side of french fries and beef lasagne. i had penne with turkey ham & cheese while mr.rahman had pan-grilled catch of the day with lobster sauce. (i ate most of his salad. kekeke.)

i think the food was abit tasteless but what do i know. i'm not a food critic. i just know how to eat. hehe. but the lasagne was good, and the cheesecake! we had chocolate indulgence for dessert and there's only one word to describe it: fantastic.

so while i was indulging myself to the cheesecake, mr.rahman unzipped his bag and placed a small gift box in a bag in front of me. it was for me. i was surprised! i never expected anything because just spending time with him was enough to make me happy. he got me matching cherry ear studs and necklace. i was so touched by his gesture. it was actually the necklace i was interested in when we were walking along bugis the other day. i didn't expect him to go all the way to bugis by himself to get me these. it was the first time someone ever went to that extent for me. thank you love.

i'm loving them, and him endlessly everyday.

after our lunch, we headed to sentosa via cable car. it was our first time together being in one, and we were freakily excited! we were making so much noise together and i couldn't stop laughing. and i couldn't stop taking pictures too.

unexpectedly, i was in for another surprise during the cable car ride. mr.rahman presented me with these.

bloody hell! it was my first time someone got me flowers!! with ferrero's at that! i was speechless and deeply touched. i almost cried at that instant. (or i did cry? not sure, watery eyes perhaps. =p) i kept on saying, why? why do all these for me? no i don't want! are you for real these are for me? no! don't do these for me! im so embarrassed! oh my god!! ok those were the actual words that came out from my mouth in the cable car. hahaha, weird reaction i know. i didn't know what to do! these are too unbelievable for me! ahhh!! hahaha.

so after sentosa, we continued our day with a midnight movie. our next pit stop was dhoby ghaut and we catched 'the bourne ultimatum'. it was great, filled with action and suspense. so while waiting for our show to start, we dropped by the arcade with no intentions of spending.

but you know mr.rahman, he's easily tempted by these machines. we even fought once before because he just can't get himself off from slotting the coins into these machines. so we entered, and he asked if he could change some coins and take some tries. he wanted to play the one which you use the claws to pick the doll up and drop it into the box to dispense the doll. i was reluctant at first but looking at his sympathetic and adorable face, i relent.

after 2 tries, he still wasn't satisfied. he requested to change another 2bucks but i said no because i know once we start, it'll never stop. we'd want to go on and on just to get something back in return of the one we lost previously. but looking at his sympathetic and innocent face again, i relent, again. so he tried, first try - failed. second try - pass. the doll went in the box~! we won a doll! i couldn't believe my eyes! we actually won a doll!! oh my god! the day just gets better! i couldn't stop laughing, screaming, hugging and jumping in the arcade. the day was filled with so many surprises! i was practically saying oh my god! the whole time. it was just too hard to believe.

i got a minnie mouse for just 4bucks! hahaha. mr.rahman made me the happiest girl in the world.

we took the night owl back and reached home around 4am. i had a fabulous time with mr.rahman. he made my day so great that I will never forget it for the rest of my entire lifetime.

no one ever did so much for me and I'm so lucky to have you in my life. no amounts of thank you can show how appreciative i am. just so you know, im loving and thinking of you in each step of my life. you'll always be a part of my life and i'm incomplete without you. thank god i've found you.

and, thank you for loving me.


♥ ♥ ♥

Thursday, August 16, 2007

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my dad turned 51 yesterday, august 15th. yay, happy birthday daddy!

after yesterday's aerobics class, we headed to tampines mall to shop for a birthday present. but to our delight, most of the shops were closed. we tried to barge in ISETAN that was getting ready to close but the auntie managed to raise her arm to block us from entering.
(hahaha. omg i sound so kiasu. ehh tak heran lah nak masok.. hahaha.)

so we resorted to metro at century square and to our surprise, it was already closed down. super duper great! so then, we thought of just giving him some cash but we didn't even have a card with us. whakakka. then, precious thoughts was still open for business, except there were already starting to vacuum the area and re-arranging the misplaced cards at the shelves. we got a perfect money-holder card. and i saw a towel! and i thought, hey, we can get him a towel! he always uses my towel in the toilet. and i always complain about it. maybe its time we get him one of his own. (so he'd stop using mine. hahaha.)

ok then. me and atie shared a sum of money to give him and atie wrapped the present at home. mummy got a chocolate cake and a mini celebration sparked at home. ok so, we didn't actually write anything on the card. hahaha. because we thought it'd be a waste. once we scribble on it, then it cannot be used anymore! so it defeats the purpose. so we decided not to write anything on the card, instead, since my dad loves giving 100bucks to us sisters for every birthday, we pass on the 'new' card for him to put in the money and then gifting it to us for each of our birthday. so that card can be recycled over & over again, within the family that is.
(hmmm... i wonder what the card would look like in 10 years in time. it'd hold great memory aye)

*** i don't know why, but i'm superly duperly excited for saturday. the 18th of august. my heart beats fast thinking that its a saturday and i took leave from fig&olive. wheee i can't wait for saturday!!!

♥ ♥ ♥

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

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just recently, something very heartbreaking happened to my family. (especially for my second sis, yati)

it was scheduled that she would be tying the knot with her boyfriend of 7 years next year march. but things happened and the relation got cut off in a blink of an eye. my sis, who has gone through so many turbulences being with him, entertained his bullshits, with the hope of seeing a change in him, clung on to him till all these while, just for a simple reason, love.

god knows, not even i know, how many times he has hurt my sis, countlessly but my sis stayed patient and offered forgiveness each time and again. though, there's a limit to everything. all the lies were revealed and its time to take some serious action. its time to gain back control of yourself and satisfy your needs for once. you cannot continue living in a losing end, knowing he is lying through his teeth all the time.

it is his loss, not yours my sis. you're an attractive and bright person. you didn't lose anything special. gain from the experience and learn something from it. you'll be a stronger person than yesterday. you made the right decision and don't be bothered to think about what if's anymore. and don't have any expectations.

because with expectations, comes disappointment.

so its best to just try and live each day to its fullest. someone out there are in a worser state than you and you should never give up. treat this as a lesson learnt. have faith that you'll get through this phase in life and i believe, you will recover from all these soon in time.

love, sis.

♥ ♥ ♥

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